Welcome to Moura, heart of the Dawson Valley, two hours south-west of Rockhampton. The information centre and museum is the custodian of the district’s history, both industrial and pioneering. Specially themed rooms have been set-up inside the museum filled with photographs and other memorabilia. A feature of the museum is a collection of Japanese collectables which were gifts from the Mitsui Mining Company.

Phone: 07 4992 9500 for further information.

It is no secret that coal mining has played a major role in the town’s development and this can be easily witnessed on the drive into town from either the south or east.

From the highway some of the massive dump trucks can be seen crawling up the towering piles of earth, but to gain a closer perspective of the multi-million dollar industry, including a view of a monster dragline, a special viewing platform has been established on Gibihi Road.

The three tragic mining disasters are part of the coal mining history. A bronze statue of a miner stands guard over the Dawson Highway at the western end of town; the town’s high class entertainment complex, Kianga Memorial Hall, is named in memory of those miners who never came home, as is the town’s world class Memorial Olympic-sized swimming pool.

In addition to coal mining, the Queensland Nitrate Plant, coal seam gas, cotton gin and Grain Corp provide additional opportunities for employment.

Located 4km east of Moura is the 150th Meridian marker. Two large rocks with drill holes in them (the by-product of blasting to reach coal deposits at the mine) are situated on the site.

By lining up the two holes and looking through them your eyes are aligned with the 150th meridian from which EST is measured. While in town visitors are more than welcome to utilise the bowls and tennis clubs. Afterwards enjoy a drink or a meal or take a stroll along the many walking paths. The town is blessed with several parks including the recently redeveloped Lions Park located on the Dawson Highway. It is pretty hard to miss; just keep an eye out for the rocket and new playground equipment. The Moura Recreation Reserve is beautifully maintained and is home to local rugby union, league and soccer teams.

The Reserve also plays host to the annual Coal and Country Festival in August. Features of the festival include the unique Queensland Coal Shovelling and Roof Bolting Championships and a Pro Rodeo.

On your way out to the river stop by the sale yards and witness a real country cattle auction, held each fortnight. But be careful who you wave to, or you might end up with a few head of Brahmans.

While there is a diverse range of things to see and do around Moura the highlight has to be the mighty Dawson River.Stay awhile at the well kept camping area, spend time fishing or boating or just enjoy the peace and quiet with the local birds and wildlife.

The annual Muddy Water Fishing Classic is held in April. Across the road from the camping area is the well kept golf course where visitors are more than welcome.

Moura Information Centre – Ph 49972084

Dump Point – Moura-Bindaree Road Lat. 24.56477 Long. 149.97411.

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